Lon Art


Feb 2012


Website, Logo, Promotional materials


Award winning artist Lon creates modern day mandalas that will enhance any space through their bright colors and energetic properties. All mandalas are based on sacred geometry, a term that Plato referred to as “Language Of The Soul”. When we look at a sacred geometry design, we often feel deeply moved and its effects can ripple all the way to the core of our being. Because it can stir and awaken our subconscious, Lon calls them “Activations”.


Lon created a 44 Activation Card Deck with a booklet that Beyond Words published at the end of 2016. This deck has been recently honored with the Silver Nautilus Award 2016.


Project was the development of a complete Branding around Lon’s Activations, including website, logo, promotional materials, business cards, flyers, copywriting for both website and all marketing channels.

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