Integrated Design Solutions

artistic web & graphic design



Websites and landing pages can be built like pizzas; as simple or extravagant as taste and budget allows. A simple 2 layer pizza can be exquisitely delicious. Just like a website.


Your vision inspires mine.  Simple, complicated, or classic – I can flow in any direction.  And I am dedicated to getting your vision across.

Graphic Design

Brochures, business cards, postcards, labels, flyers — you name it, I can make it. And I always do it with a big smile on my face.  Because I love design.

Lon Art
Soul Memory Discovery
The Mindful Babe
Dr. Carol
Soul 2 Spirit
Pacific Stemcells

Integrated Design Solutions is an independent digital design studio based in sunny California.  Websites, graphic design, and contemporary sacred geometry have our passionate and undivided attention.  The way we work is the way we live: consciously, hearts wide open with an ongoing desire to learn, express and connect.


We work fast and provide original, artistic and creative solutions to bring your vision and message to life – whether you are a large company, a small business, or an inspired entrepreneur.


Your vision inspires ours.

Lon Art

Sacred Geometry Design

Modern day mandalas (Activations) that are based on sacred geometry and work at the soul level.


Internationally published visionary, writer and artist Lon with renowned publishing house Beyond Words created 44 Activations that encourage your analytical mind to step aside, so you can enter the domain of the subconscious and the soul, and connect to the quantum field — the space of infinite potential.


Oracle Deck and Book have been published in multiple languages and have been honored with the Silver Nautilus Book Award 2016, a prestigious award that “promotes publications that inspire and connect our lives as individuals, communities, and global citizens”. The deck has been published in the USA, the UK, Germany, and Australia.